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Here at Authentic Media we are all about promoting Christian organisations, churches and businesses through effective media.

This includes strategy, design, marketing, photography and videography. We get especially excited about projects that promote the gospel of Jesus Christ or encourage other believers.

If you would like to work with us we encourage you to get in touch.


The Team

Dave Firth

Dave is a bit odd! (in a good way).
He’s one of those people that loves the Bible, reads it and allows it to shape his thoughts, beliefs and actions. God has given him a passion to teach and a gifting to lead.

He drinks a lot of coffee, probably a little too much. He loves his family and takes his role of being a husband and a father very seriously (not that he’s very serious…I mean, he’s a lot of fun…errr…well, you get the point…).

Best Habit: Tells the truth…a lot (it really annoys some people)

Worst Habit: Bites his nails (he can’t figure out why because he’s really not a worrier)

Weird Fact: He was a huge Michael Jackson fan back in the day (ask to see him Moonwalk!)

Dave is based in our New Zealand office

Lee Hanson

Some people are just downright nice. That’s Lee.

Having ran his own design agency for over 10 years he’s faced all the tough decisions, temptations and trials of being in business – and has seen God’s hand at work first hand.

He also tends to drink a lot of coffee (another reason Lee and Dave get on so well) and when not being creative he works on developing his DIY skills and spending time with his wife and three kids.

Best Habit: A desire to be authentic in every area: honest, open and prayerful.

Worst Habit: Can’t ever sit still, he is forever jiggling – which he says keeps him slim, but tends to annoy everyone else.

Lee is based in our New Zealand office

Daniel Treat

Daniel is a pretty serious guy.  Except when he's not!  He's passionate about using his creative eye for Kingdom exploits and that's pretty great, cause he's got an awesome talent for visual media.

Sadly, Daniel does not drink much coffee.  He claims that he runs on natural adrenalin... we remain skeptical.

Best Habit:  Unequivocally his heart toward people... he pretty much likes everyone!

Worst Habit:  Perpetually, eternally an optimist.  Ugh.

Weird Fact:  He was (for a brief period of his history) a TV co-host of a Georgian (think Republic of Georgia) music television program.. and yes, there is visual proof.

Daniel is based in our Colorado office

Reeta Treat

Reeta has a rather quirky sense of humor and a great eye for visuals.  She loves all things creative and firmly believes that relationship with the Creator Himself is the source.

She doesn't consider coffee consumption an option, it's a mainstay... a lifeline... a way of life.. (hmmm, there's a chance she drinks too much of the stuff).

Best Habit:  She tends to mix metaphors, which does lead to some moments of hilarity.

Worst Habit:  Snarky sarcasm (No way!)

Weird Fact:  She can not under any circumstances eat cilantro.  (she has a doctor's note on that.)

Reeta is based in our Colorado office

Ruben Wiersma

Ruben is a show off. Well he's not really a show off, but he is a genius. He's just amazingly talented and really humble. Some of us find it a little bit threatening!

Seriously though, he's super creative and razor sharp. If we paid him a million bucks a year it wouldn't be enough. We're thrilled to have him as part of the Authentic team but we are fully aware it is just a matter of time before Apple, Google or Pixar come calling!

Best Habit: He can do almost any accent perfectly!

Worst Habit: Has weird, scary eyebrows that can make you do things against your will

Weird Fact: He's technically Dutch but has a perfect American accent when speaking English which was gleaned from watching US comedy shows!

Ruben is based in Holland but operates out of our Colorado office

We have a team of designers, developers, photographers and social media geniuses that support the vision of Authentic Media. If you are interested in serving with us, click here!

What we do


We are here to help people and serve Jesus ….that’s all.

(Well, you probably need a bit more info than that so we do this by helping with brand development, graphic design, website development, video production, magazine production, photography, strategic planning, business start-up help and event management)

We work with several international ministries, Bible schools, Churches, Christian led businesses, Christian organisations and some of our friends!

Here's a little list of some of them:

Torchbearers International -
Capernwray New Zealand -
MMM New Zealand - 

Clean Slate Property Maintenance -
Kit Markin Homes -

Faith Baptist Church -
Hukanui Bible Church -

Authentic Magazine -

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Dave: 027 701 6986
Intl: +64 27 701 6986

Lee: 021 621 201
Intl: +64 21 621 201

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