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Who we are:

Here at Authentic Media we are all about promoting Christian organisations, churches and ministries through effective media.

Authentic Media International Lt is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Authentic Christian Trust. We are based in Cambridge, New Zealand and work with organisations across the country.

How we work:

If you need some help in the area of marketing or media, or you have a project you want to work on, then we would love to hear from you.

We will start off with a conversation, over the phone or in person over a nice cup of coffee (our preferred option!)

Then we will get to know each other. We will try our best to listen really carefully as you tell us about your organisation and what you're trying to do.

Then we will work with you to come up with a plan and implement it. This might look like designing a new logo or website. It may be helping with your marketing strategy (or developing one!). Perhaps you're looking to communicate what you do through a video. Or maybe you're looking for a good deal on print.


Whatever it is, we get excited about helping organisations that promote the gospel of Jesus Christ.

If that's you, then read on...

When God wants to get your attention He can do it in a number of ways; through a burning bush, through a vision, through a voice calling your name, or through a series of events that draws a few people to become friends and commit to serving Him together!

Authentic Vision
(what we see)

A vision is something that you see. We see Authentic as a gift from God. It’s not ours. It’s His – all of it. We believe that God has given us a clear mandate for being authentic in the marketplace. That means living and working with our eyes fixed on Jesus, regardless of the consequences. This is exciting and occasionally terrifying but it’s our calling so there’s no better place to be. Scripture must be our guide (not our feelings and opinions) so that is also our standard that our staff, clients, suppliers and partners can hold us to. Good eh?

Authentic Mission
(what we stand for)

To share His life (the life of the LIVING Lord Jesus) with all people we encounter. We know we’re called to be different, or as some translations say, ‘set apart’, so we want to do this with all aspects of our work; how we work, how we charge, how we treat our staff, how we spend money…basically, how we live!

Authentic Life
(what we do)

What we do is really up to the Lord Jesus. After all, it is His life, not ours!
Our team are highly skilled and experienced in branding, graphic design, video production, website development, photography, strategic planning and event management.

Our focus is working with Christian ministries, churches and Christian-led businesses. We want to help Christian organisations communicate clearly and effectively and we seem to be pretty good at it!

However, we really enjoy working WITH an organisation rather than working FOR one. Those we work with are not mere clients – they are partners, working together to advance His Kingdom!

This level of involvement means we can be a bit of a pain! You see, if you just want a website designing and nothing more, we’re probably not what you’re looking for. But if you want us to come in and tell you all the things you can be doing better, then that’s us! We won’t patronise you by pretending we don’t see problems.



Understanding how branding works in the Christian marketplace is definitely a challenge.

Identity is certainly something that is important to establish and use wisely. All organisations need to communicate clearly and effectively and Christian organisations are no exception. Imparting clear and effective communication begins with communicating who and what you are.

We can offer sound, biblical advice on how and what you communicate through your ministry identity.


Look and feel shouldn't rule our world, so understanding how we appropriately present our ideas visually is important.

You see, when Eve saw the fruit on the tree was 'pleasing to the eye' it caused her to respond in her flesh and she made a terrible decision to disobey God. We want to be careful not to allow our eyes being pleased to cause others to sin.


Where would we be without the internet, eh?

Gone are the days of flipping through a phone directory or Yellow Pages to find the number for a church or charity. Today we use the web every day for almost everything!

Having a presence on the web seems to be essential for most organisations, but having a 'good' presence that clearly communicates truthfully is arguably more important.

We understand how a website can support, compliment and help your organisation.


Despite the digital revolution, paper hasn't packed its bags and booked a holiday!

Yep, printing isn't going to disappear any time soon.

Whether it's business cards, brochures, posters or banners, there's opportunities to use print wisely.

We can help you decide which things are print-worthy and what should stay online.


Jesus loved telling stories.

His visual illustrations were amazing and brilliant.

Using still and moving images to tell the story of your project or organisation can really help your audience understand what you do and how you can help them.

But it's easy to get it wrong - we want to help you get it right!

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