About Us

How we work

First we listen really carefully as you tell us about your organisation and what you're trying to do. Then we will work with you to come up with a plan and implement it. This might look like designing a new logo or website. It may be helping with your marketing strategy or perhaps you're looking to communicate what you do through a video. Whatever it is, we get excited about working with you.

Why we do what we do

Authentic Media is a part of Authentic Christian Trust (ACT), which means that by working with Authentic Media, you are directly supporting the mission of ACT - to "proclaim the Authentic Christian Life" that is the real, genuine Christian life - where Jesus is alive in us.

Who are we

Here at Authentic Media we work with a wide range of ministries, charities, nor-for-profits, churches and businesses. Authentic Media is a part of Authentic Christian Trust, a registered Charity in New Zealand (CC55868). We are based at The Ark (located between Cambridge and Te Awamutu) and work with organisations in New Zealand and around the world.


Lee Hanson

General Manager

Lee is an experienced designer and business owner. Lee was involved with Authentic at the beginning, served overseas and is now back with the team.


Sharon-Louise Good

Office Administrator

Sharon-Louise spent 12 years in the computer / IT industry and over 10 years at Capernwray. Sharon-Louise also enjoys getting into the garden.


Jeremy Smith

Editor / Writer

Jeremy has worked as a journalist in the Waipa region and has now turned his wordsmithing skills to promoting the good news as editor of Authentic Men's Magazine and writer for Authentic Media.


Tania Samuel

Graphic Designer

Tania has a background in graphic design. She is a Mum of three children, enjoys being creative and loves using her skills to help serve ministries.

Joel Hanson

Website Development

Joel is our young gun, currently working and studying in website design and development. Following on from interning for Authentic in 2022 he has joined the team in 2023.

Our Values

These serve as our "filters" that we look to run everything we do through:


Tell the truth. Ephesians 4:15


Do what we say we will. Proverb 28:6


Keep parties informed with accurate information. Zechariah 8:16


Encourage people in the Christian life. 1 Thessalonians 4:1


Remember that this is not about us. Proverbs 22:4