An organisation working to restore hope and dignity to South Asia’s vulnerable people, particularly women and children.


Project overview


Over the last 20 years, Dignity Freedom Network (DFN) - a group of Australians and New Zealanders - has been helping care for oppressed peoples in South Asia. The group’s desire is to see marginalised communities set free through education, healthcare and empowerment.

As well as responding to requests from community leaders to provide holistic English-medium education so that marginalised children can discover dignity and freedom - which affords them the opportunity to dream - they aim to provide freedom and restore dignity to at-risk girls and subjugated women. With this work in mind, they wanted a new look website completed as a way people could reach out to them.

Project Goals

  • We worked alongside DFN to build a new website for them which gives visitors a holistic view of the work the organisation does – while at the same time informing people how they can get involved
  • This was achieved through using a combination of design, photography and branding elements
  • We also helped DFN craft some of the written content of the site as part of this project
  • We added a donation system for both Australia and New Zealand to allow funds to be securely collected



Client Type


What we did

Website, User Experience, Donation system

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