Website Design Brief

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Contact Details

Website Details

A few words or a short sentence that sum up the project.
Do you have an existing website/domain?
What's the purpose/goal of the website?
What's your brand’s mission? What's the idea behind your website?
Define the target audience for the website (This could include Demographics, Behaviors, Psychographics, Geographics).
Include a few competitors with a similar product or service offering (Please include relevant URLs). How do you differentiate from them?
Why should your target audience stop what they're doing and pay attention to your website?
What's the amount we have to work with?
Look & Feel
What sort of look are you going for?
Please include any examples and URLs, similar to your project, that you like the style of.
Do you have existing material, logos or Brand Standards? Share the link with us (Dropbox, Google Drive etc.)
What should your audience do after interacting with your website? Email, call, or be left with a goal.

Website Content

Special Features

Website Strategy

What are your expectations of a successful website?
How is the website going to meet your goals?
How are you going to drive people to your site?
Any extra details or bits of helpful information.